What I thought was simply just stress-leave to take some time off from from work, turned into a life-changing time and an awakening. If you were anything like me, I've always had some kind of voices in my head. As early as elementary, I vividly remember these voices speaking to me in a very non friendly way.

Fast forward to now in my thirties, those voices are still so prominent. What's made it so difficult now is that I'm now a mother and wife. For some reason these labels have taken such a toll on me and I admit to say that it's been in a negative way.

I've had to learn how to deal with these voices and changing emotions all on my own. Yes, I've done therapy, I've read the books, but let's be honest... It can take a whole lot more than just doing our part. The little voices are strong, and loud. I had to get stronger and louder.

Having no one to really share this very intimate time was difficult. I vented to many, and tried to explain my thoughts and emotions so many times but I never really felt like I was 100% understood.

Fast forward to now, I decided I need to create a space for others that might be going through something similar. I can't be the only one.

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